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15-Jul-2019 18:46

Three South Korean masseuses were arrested, two on expired visas, according to the police.

They told police that sailors keep the shops in business.

“The first concern continues to be the sex exploitation industry overseas in and near our areas of operations,” Mc Ginn said.

On the supply side, massagy girls aren’t supposed to go “all the way,” but some do.

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“Law enforcement hardly prosecutes the illegal business, and many establishments can use trafficked victims for their business without worrying about a harsh penalty …” Fujiwara said.

“Also, the anti-prostitution law that penalizes women to sell sex has been arresting victims, not the traffickers and those customers who buy sex from traffickers.” One sex shop in the Honch, Orange Massage, recently was the object of a police raid.

There is a woman on each corner grabbing for sailors on the street that runs from Yokosuka Chuo to the Honch, the entertainment center outside Yokosuka Naval Base.

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What the girls sell costs to 0 and involves some form of “happy ending.” One South Korean girl works in an upstairs parlor where customers order from a printed menu that offers a variety of sexual favors, from use of hands only to full sexual intercourse.

And because participating in sex for money is illegal for U. servicemembers under military law, sailors Stars and Stripes spoke to in the Honch also declined to give their names.