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The 17-year-old from Wilhelmshaven, Germany, is spending her junior year as a (that’s Liberty Crusader in German).America’s official endorsement of “gay marriage,” “gay pride,” homosexualist indoctrination in our schools, “transgender” bathroom bills and bans on counseling to help with unwanted same-sex attraction will not end well.But we are also clear-eyed enough not to confuse an awkward attempt to pick someone up with a sexual attack."The spectacle of men being forced into "public confessions..."For instance, an adult cannot marry a minor child; a person cannot marry somebody who is too close to them from a familial standpoint; people cannot marry their house plant."--Says the pro-LGBTQ President Obama is "an arrogant POTUS in rebellion against God"-- Says LGBTQ activists "use" gay kids: "If you feel such despair, know this: it is not 'homophobia' causing it, as adult enablers might tell you, but, rather, it is the sin itself that causes it (or struggling alone, absent Christ, with the temptation to sin).

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