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She hasn’t specified a workout that she uses, but it is obvious that a lot of cardio and endurance training is performed during her rehearsals.

As for diet, it is certain that carbs are present in larger than usual amounts to fuel her body with energy, due to the intensity and length of dancing routines.

The first chapter introduces Michaels' unconventional upbringing: A daughter of two "hippie" models, she grew up with metal braces on her legs due to a childhood growth discrepancy.

"My hip, leg and feet bones weren't developing at the same rate, making one foot bigger, and my hips turned inward," she writes.

Mia made her TV show debut as Janny on The Bill in 1999.

It is apparent that Mia works out very hard in order to stay in shape for both personal dance routines, as well as to be a dancing coach.

Michaels remains a teacher above all else, having gotten her start teaching at her father's Miami dance school and eventually founding her own company called "Reality at Work" (RAW), which began in New York in 1997.Mia Michaels is notorious for her powerful movements that engage the dancer's entire being, while reaching straight into the souls of those who are watching.Through this unique style of choreography, Michaels has found success both on stage and in film.Mia Michaels has won and been nominated for many awards over the years, including: A true success story through and through, Mia Michaels is a great example of what a combination of hard work and raw talent can allow one to accomplish.

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Be on the lookout for more of her work all over mainstream media, from the small screen to the big screen in the years to come., to collaborating with Prince, to revamping New York's famous Radio City Rockettes. I want to inspire the world," she says, laughing warmly.

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