When parents begin dating

24-Jun-2019 22:10

For the aging parent dating or planning to remarry, it helps to include your children in your new life to ease concerns.“To reassure our kids, we included them in many of our decisions, such as helping us find a new place to live, helping plan our wedding and participating in it,” says Miller Parr.This spark in him is one that I haven’t seen since my mom got sick.I never expected that my dad would have a relationship, someone to experience life with again.The new relationship has sparked her dad’s joy for life again, says Walton.Now Michel travels with his girlfriend frequently, hitting the road in her gargantuan RV. “Of course, as a daughter, I want to protect my father and am worried about the ‘what if’ scenario,” says Walton.Now I look at him and see that it brings him so much joy.” Deb Hipp is a Kansas City, Mo.-based freelance writer who covers elder and caregiving issues and has more than 20 years' experience as a journalist and writer.

Then one night at dinner, Michel casually mentioned to Walton that he’d recently purchased a duplex for his ex-wife, whom he’d been out of contact with for years.

“He got discouraged, thinking that since the relationship didn’t work out, he probably couldn’t find someone to share his life with again,” says Walton. She and her dad were close again, and he was healthier, but Michel’s loneliness persisted.

Eventually, Michel wore himself down, contracted pneumonia and spent a week in the hospital. “The truth was, my dad needed a companion,” says Walton.

“The benefits of being accepted, cared for, loved and valued, are immeasurable,” says Borg.

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“Hold onto that insight and use it to help support the parent’s newfound love.” More than three years after Walton’s mom died, her dad, now 68-years-old, took a chance on love again, reconnecting with an old friend he’d known in his early 20s but fell out of touch with while he was married.“However, the amount of recovery that I’ve seen in his emotional health over these past two months brings me comfort that he isn’t lonely anymore.