My Last Video

Thankyou to everyone who has enjoyed watching my videos over these past 3 years! It's been an awesome experience and I owe it all to you guys. I've had so much fun reading the supportive comments and even meeting you guys, never did I think I would reach the goals we have reached with this channel. Over 1 million subscribers is a crazy thing for a 16 year old and i'm so very very thankful as I couldn't do it without you all. I've thought about it for a long time though and I think its best to move on to newer things and finish making videos on the GioFilms channel. It's a big decision, but i'm happy with it and the achievements this channel has reached! If you still want to support me in my journey, I reccomend you subscribe to my second channel below (The Analysis), where I review films! It's not the same type of content, but its still me! (If that's what interests you). I have to say thank you one last time though (I know i'm sorry haha), you have all made these past couple of years unbelievable. Thank you!

Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg33Q6kqFtcUeoMZKf6_eRA

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