Among US but its 3AM (Imposter IQ 9,999,999%)

I play Among US but it's 3AM. I really believe the imposter has a 9,999,999% IQ this time.

I'm Guava Juice, and I wake up in the game Among Us but in real life. Not sure why honestly, but maybe it's because I've been wrong when choosing the imposter in my previous YouTube videos lol. I start completing tasks to escape and some crazy things happen! Who is the impostor? This will mess up the Guava Juice channel if I don't win. Is it a hacker? Maybe. One thing for sure, is things always go wrong at 3am! No one can be trusted because there's an impostor among us. Thank you all for supporting Guava Juice and for watching my funny and entertaining adventures on YouTube in 2020. I love comedy, making you laugh, and seeing a smile on your face. This is Roi saying Stay Juicy!

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