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19-Apr-2019 08:08

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It was quite a sight to see her in oriental lingerie like what you see in CAT III film. Pls treat her nicely as she is alone was bullied by some Fxxxer. Her cock was decent size even though she is a pure bottom. Her last craigslist ad is ENORMOUS C(0)CK - t4m Maybe some lucky and loaded bro long timed her for the week. My bachelor week is over, but trying now to figure out how I can see Jocy one more time before she heads back home for x-mas. No where near as wild in the sack as Jocy, but having her walk around my hotel room was worth it. this May you're talking about from Temptation Bar in Nana Plaza? I think she's one LB that people can mistake for a real girl. (oh yes i've seen the forums, can't find anything useful for singapore...) Bro, she's been on my radar as well.

Recently I posted an FR on Jocy from the Philippines.

Like you, I find OT, Rowell and CV a bit to public. What I didnt get about the contacts threa, was that there were hardly any contacts given in there. In the Rowell thread, my FR started with the idea I was heading down to Rowell but instead ended up with a craigslist find. Makes me a bit scared, as she definitely was clingy with me. Bro Rump - another cuties I had on my last trip to BKK was Lek from Guess Bar.