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Along with each chapter comes study questions designed to help you go even deeper with all this rich biblical content about Christian singleness. Table of Contents: Introduction: Don’t Worry, There Really Are Answers Section 1: A Biblical Foundation of Christian Singleness Chapter 1: What Does the Bible Say About Singleness?

You can use these questions in a small group Bible study, in a one-on-one setting, or just by yourself during your personal devotional time. Chapter 2: 4 Truths to Help You Know If God Is Calling You to a Life of Singleness Chapter 3: How to Love the Opposite Sex During Your Season of Singleness Chapter 4: Why Does God Wait to Bless Us?

Chapter 5: 4 Reasons You Should Not Feel Guilty About Being Discontent “With” Singleness Section 2: How to Thrive During Your Season of Singleness Chapter 6: Are You Dating or Married to God?

Chapter 7: Don’t Waste It: 7 Ways to Use Your Christian Singleness Chapter 8: How to Deal With Unmet Expectations Chapter 9: Christian Singleness, Loneliness, and 5 Healthy Ways to Respond Chapter 10: Sexual Purity: How the Church Often Gets It Wrong Chapter 11: What Christian Singles Should Know About Homosexuality Chapter 12: 4 Christ-Centered Ways to Change Things About Yourself That Need to Be Changed Section 3: Preparing Your Heart for Your Future Chapter 13: What Is God’s Purpose for You?

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