Technology dating

28-Jul-2019 11:23

Recent studies have estimated we pick up our smartphones over 85 times a day and can be online around 25 hours per week.

With ever-increasing functions, our phones have become extensions of us and have revolutionised many traditional activities such as shopping, business and even dating.

We have all seen that couple or family in a restaurant who are fixated on their phones and gadgets in stony silence, all communicating and engaging with the outside world but not with each other.

Whether it is the one-year-old on an i Pad or the husband and wife browsing their emails, we have looked and judged and then quickly found ourselves in the same position.

Each time we pick up our phone we do so for roughly 30 seconds to two minutes.

There are on average ninety minutes every day that are currently taken up by our smartphones and gadgets which could be spent doing something else.It is not uncommon now to see family members all playing their own games on their own phones in complete silence.Recently Pokémon Go was launched, which is perhaps the first digital version of the old-fashioned board game as it is being experienced as a shared activity for families searching for virtual characters whilst exploring the real world.Partners complain that although their ‘other half’ is physically present they are not really there, as they are mentally consumed by the distraction of social media, rolling news or even obsessive games.

The first thing to address when technology is impacting negatively into your relationship, is why is this happening?

Then our minds begin to wander if he or she doesn’t respond right away. We go on social media to see if our partner is on there. And all this happens only about an hour since their last response.