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12-Apr-2019 13:40

A fusion means six to nine months of take-it-easy time, and a longer period of relative inactivity (that includes work). Getting in there and closing up is virtually the same.An artificial disc does not have the healing time (there is no fusion process to worry about) and so return to work/normal life is much faster. Anyhow, if anyone who reads this also happens to have received an artificial disc (or knows someone who has), please let me know - I'd like to communicate with you.It just didn't work out as well as I would have liked.So, I have seen three highly-recommended doctors recently to talk with them about what can be done to help." or "I don't want to install Office on this computer - where can I get the viewer program for Power Point files?" And sometimes people are looking for file version/type converters because someone sends them a file created with a different version of an Office application.Note that the contents of this site represent my own thoughts and opinions, not those of anyone else - like my employer - or even my dog for that matter.

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It's a soil that's got lots of nutrients, but the plants tend to have difficulty absorbing the nutrients and the clay tends to keep the water from effectively reaching the plants.But, one further point of encouragement is the fact that all three doctors were quite confident that surgery would make a huge difference in my quality of life.All three said that I am practically the perfect candidate to benefit in a huge way from the procedure.Also, anyone who's had a fusion, same deal - please contact me by commenting on this post, or click the mail icon over in the navigation sidebar.

Svea Soft has published the new Talisman/Basic release of their replacement firmware for the Linksys WRT54G and WRT54GS wireless routers.Pictures and a demo video showing it work are all on the page.

They may ask for your home or work address to send you a gift.” Such tidbits are invaluable currency for identity thieves.… continue reading »

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