Speed dating for elderly

17-Jul-2019 22:55

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No contact information is exchanged on the spot, but if there is chemistry, both people are notified by mail and take it from there.According to Loring, senior speed dating is on the rise; he first came across an event in Florida, where it’s a popular activity among retirees.For Loring, these eight women and men – most of them widows and widowers – are his guides as he considers the trajectory of love in older age.The idea for a senior speed dating film came to Loring after two events hit close to home: One was the unexpected death of his father and the intense loss that his 70-year-old mother felt after the loss of her soulmate.I do want to experience love,” says Jan, whose first marriage didn’t turn out “like a movie” but who still wants to find her soulmate.“You can open your heart up even more than before because your life isn’t so complicated.They’ve all signed up for a senior speed dating event that Loring has picked as the locus for his exploration of love and how it changes – or doesn’t – as we age.

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“I’m virile – I’m ready,” says Matt, who trails his oxygen tank through his speed dating experience. “You just have to say when my time’s up it’s up and go for it. “But this is who I am, and I think it’s better just to be me.“I think there’s a huge demand for people to have opportunities to still be seen, to be loved, to be understood by somebody else. So I don’t think love changes, it just gets stripped down to what’s essential.” And what’s essential, he says, is companionship.

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