Social effects of online dating

11-Sep-2019 17:25

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Therefore, the impact of digital dating is significant because it affects the whole of society whether people realize it or not.Finding a date or a mate online or in personal ads was never a very celebrated action, however, the ubiquitous access to the Internet and the mass communication involved on the Internet has softened the stigma attached to online dating.Hence, it takes practice and a certain type of literacy to be successful at dating sites because there needs to be a balance between realistic and ideal self-presentation.Also one need to pay sharp attention to the subtle cues they are “giving off” through their unconscious behaviors.But what is it that keeps people from lying about their traits, physical features, goals etc? The shift from online to offline dating is what keeps people honest for the most part because if one lies about what they look like or their hobbies, or goals they will be caught up in their lies because it is much harder to fake your personality in person that it in over the Internet.There is obviously a push to present one’s positive attributes but the idea that there may be a face-to-face interaction also pushes the individual to present themselves as authentic as possible so as to actually acquire and maintain a relationship.If a person studies their characteristics and finds some to be disagreeable to their ideal self they could actively work to alter that reality in order to better themselves and make themselves more contented.

When it is in-person one would worry about talking too much or too quickly, if they have food in their teeth (that is of course if they are dining together), or if they are coming off as boring.

This is a positive shift because it asserts the notion that people want to curb the loneliness of the world and they want to have control of their happiness, which is a great thing to happen to people in society.

It is great because it shows that people still strive to connect with one another rather than give into the constraints and anxieties of social interaction.

If a person puts on their profile that they are 6’4’’, 200 lbs and that they do body building, you’re inclined to believe them because if someone lies on their profile, once the face-to-face encounter happens the lies will unravel.

Hence, there is a constant battle between a person’s ability to blend the line between realist and ideal self-presentation.This is especially true when online dating can (and does) directly affect personal relationships and humans’ abilities to interact with others when in a face-to-face situations.