Shroud of turin carbon 14 dating

12-Apr-2019 16:08

Fanti’s method dated fibres from the Shroud to 300 BC–400 AD.Of course, there are critics who argue that Fanti’s methods are unreliable.The question immediately arises, “If the Shroud is a medieval forgery how did they do that?

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The flow of the blood accurately reflects crucifixion and subsequent burial.

The most recent finding again suggests that the crucified man was tortured. The cloth is consistent with fabrics from first-century Israel, but not with medieval Europe.

A forger would have had to not only forge the image, but would have had to have detailed knowledge of linen weaves of the first century and then not only reproduce it, but age it convincingly.

A different sort of dating test was conducted by Giulio Fanti of Padua University in 2013.

This technology uses infra-red light and spectroscopy to measure the radiation intensity through wavelengths, and from these measurements a date can be calculated.

The delicious irony is that it is our sceptical, scientific society that has empowered all the new evidence.

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