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30-Jun-2019 05:22

However on a positive when I went on the site on my own PC and typed nothing in it knew where i lived and started listing girls in my local area which was rubbish because they all looked american!

I can understand your upset at this but it probably is spam but hopefully your DP will reassure you on it.

but i know my hormones are playing a big part in this too?

please help x just thought, he sometimes gets dirty emails from his friend could that somehow then make him get emails from other sites, it worries me they are all about chatting, meeting,etc not just plain old porn.

Hi I have sympathy with you on this as im not sure about something i found in DP's history and am probably going to confront him today!

There was a page in the history called adultfriendfinder- I clicked on it and it went to a sign in page- i could not see any other pages in the history but that sign in page was there.

i havent had to post on here for ages but sadly im back, im 10 weeks pg so my hormones are raging and i need some help to get my paranoid insecure head around this!

Here are some reasons: His email is in plain view on the internet somewhere and has been harvested by a spambot You have spyware on your PCHis email has been bought by a spammer and past onto other spammers.

I too have oodles of junk from similar and I can assure you I do not subscribe to porn/sex chat etc.

My point being, it only takes one filled in form for your info to be out there and for it to be abused.

i am insecure and suspicious and paranoid but its because of things like this that keeps it going and now im back to feeling like i have to check up on him and try to catch him out?

it isnt healthy and not good for my stress or the relationship.The thing is he is not very adventurous in bed and has never talked dirty to me!!

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