Sedan service sports dating black car

10-Apr-2019 20:30

chip out of top edge of roof; hairline crack in roof and cracked at tops of window post.

42.50 1962 CHRIS CRAFT CAPRI BOAT & TRAILER (this is the mate to the 1962 Ford Station Wagon).

I cant imagine obtaining any noticeable speed while racing!!!!!

I cant imagine obtaining any noticeable speed while racing!! Includes 3 vinyl gas pumps in blue and the 8 approx.

color variations #1 * color variations #2 * green variations #3 1956 CHEVY CAMEO CARRIER pickup truck.

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red with black running board, gold radiator and steering wheel. includes driver figure and fireman standing in rear to aim the nozzle (note that he has a "step" to stand on). orange with blue stake bed and gold metal disc wheels. small 1/2" tear in lower right edge of front cover.

2.75" by 4.25" when closed - unfolds to 11" by 8.5". including: railroad cars; ships; racer; Lockheed airplane; Anti Aircraft Gun; Army Tank; Stake Trailer; Sinclair Oil Truck; Camping Trailer; Hook and Ladder; Zeppelin; and others.

casting is perfect but MISSING the ladder assembly.