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On meeting Ryle, she initially has suspicions about his true identity, and teams up with him to free her fellow ninjas.She uses ninja daggers and swords, and is a good all-round fighter who can use fire, thunder, water or air-based attacks as well.Fina is the daughter of Flare Delstar, the Sacred Dragoon who had saved the world from CHAOS twenty years earlier.Unwilling to let her follow the same path, Flare has raised her daughter to be a normal young girl, but events soon unfold that will force her to follow in her mother's footsteps.As the game progresses, Ryle learns more about himself (such as the fact he's a bastard child and the 2nd prince of Factoria), meets a cast full of entertaining characters, and ends up saving his homeland from an increasingly worse series of dangers.He has no magic powers, except his Warp spell, but is good with a sword.She's the kindest and most well-mannered of the girls, being best friends with Latyss.

A member of the famed White Shinobi guild of ninjas, Hayami is temporarily on her own because many of the White Shinobi have been subjected to a mind-control spell.Hayami tends to get confused when Ryle is affectionate to her, and has a tendency to have accidents at such moments.