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Beaufort Group (Permian-Triassic), Karoo Basin, South Africa.Similar ripples occur in tidal environments and correct interpretation requires that the local facies content be taken into account.The Sedimentologist and Paleontologist construct the layers and embedded features: The Sedimentologist flattens clay into stratigraphic layers, and the Paleontologist cuts out fossils to place between the layers to represent buried fossils and uses the red sprinkles to represent deposited ore.Deposits of fossils and mineral ore are each their own events.The geologic time scale was initially developed by determining the relative ages of rock units, first in Europe, and then in other parts of the world. To determine which rock units were older and which ones were younger (in a relative sense), geologists devised a number of laws, or principles, to help figure out the sequence of geologic events in a particular locality.In this lab, you will apply many of these laws and principles to determine the relative sequence of geologic events that created a particular set of rock layers and intrusions.Before you begin this activity, read the book chapter listed below, which is available online through Library Reserves.

The lab uses knowledge of relative age dating to simulate a geologist discovering important pieces of evidence related to Earth's history, such as fossils and ore minerals.

Additionally, we talk about the importance of relative age dating in understanding Earth's history.

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