Red flags in a dating relationship anderson cooper talk show interracial dating

07-May-2019 17:34

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He doesn’t have to totally forget about himself just to cater to the needs of others, but a bit of thoughtfulness never hurt anybody!That might include not bringing up certain topics that you would consider offensive, or offering to meet you somewhere that’s close to where you live if he knows you don’t drive, or suggesting dinner at a restaurant he knows provides a good gluten-free menu if you have celiac.You might thank your lucky stars if the person you’ve just started seeing tells you that they’re never talking to their ex again.After all, still remaining very close friends with an ex is probably a much more obvious red flag!

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Behavior like this suggests they had a really bad break up, which might mean that your date was just unlucky in the past, or it could mean that they’re a difficult and immature person.Or does he calmly confront you and ask you for your side of the story?

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