Playstation 3 updating problems

22-Apr-2019 17:04

When you've given up your foolish dream of fixing your PS3 with just a push of a button or if you can't afford to pay Sony to fix their mistake you could as a last resort open your PS3 and try cleaning the lens inside.

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MAJORITY of you with this problem will unfortunately have to replace the blu-ray laser in order to get your machine back in working order. Lots of people think they're super sensitive, they're not.

You could always just slam the top cover over to the left too.

The only thing holding it on is a tiny piece of plastic.

I've NEVER seen a PS3 laser come back to life after either one of these operations, but that's not to say you'll be the first.

It won't harm the system and Sony suggests it so you might as well try.

Here's what I suggest you try just in case it's something else causing the problem. The advantage of using one of these is that you won't have to open the PS3, which for some can be a pain.

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