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There was a strong VEI 3 eruption from 1881 – 1882. The longest continuous eruption took place in June 1897, another VEI 4. At least one took place with little to no warning in 1999.Pyroclastic flows and ashfalls killed more than 400. Over the last century a danger zone 6 – 8 km radius was established and enforced by local police and Philippine military.There are three stages of volcanic activity along the Bicol Arc throughout its history stretching as far back as initial subduction in the late Cretaceous.The youngest episode is the current, with volcanic rocks less than 1.0 Ma. Eruptions from Bulusan are phreatic, strombolian and caldera-forming.A second phreatic eruption took place the morning of Jan. Although weather obscured observations, minor amounts of ash fell on neighboring villages. Ash plumes and minor pyroclastic flows from dome collapse events continued. The week of Jan 17 – 23 saw additional lava collapse events associated with rockfalls, advancing lava and pyroclastic flows. The upper slopes are steep at 35 – 40 degrees slope.Two pyroclastic flows made it 3 km down the slope of the volcano. It was most recently active with a series of eruptions ending in 2014. Mayon erupts andesites, basaltic andesites, and basalts. The volcano has a permanent 6 km diameter exclusion zone around it which keeps most people out, though there are nearly 5,000 living within 5 km of the volcano.There are numerous festivals and rituals associated with the volcano and its surrounds.

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This portion is called the Bicol Volcanic Arc or the Bicol Arc.

The Philippine Plate subducts westward under the Philippines at 8 cm/yr.

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