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At Hütteldorf, the Stadtbahn connected to railway service to the west, and at Heiligenstadt, to railway service on the Franz Josef Line, which then ran eastwards within the Austro-Hungarian Empire to Eger.Some of the Jugendstil stations for this system designed by Otto Wagner are still in use.For example, in 1858 the city planner Ludwig Zettl proposed to make an overburden of the former moat instead of filling it, and then to set up a railroad tram in this enclosed ditch, which would bypass the city.This would have created a connection between the central station and the market halls, while at the same time the gas-lit tunnels were to serve as warehouses for food.Sichrowskys route should lead from the Lobkowitzplatz below the Vienna Glacis on to the Wien River to Hütteldorf.

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Test tunnelling took place, but these plans, too, had to be shelved when the Second World War broke out.

), is one of the two rapid transit (metro) systems for Vienna, Austria. With the October 2013 opening of the 4.2 kilometers (2.6 mi), three-station extension of the U2 line, (after test operations began on ), but two of the lines extended and later designated as U-Bahn (U4, U6) date back to the Stadtbahn ("city railway") system, which opened in 1898.