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Kelly and I just looked at each other with an expression of uncertainty on our faces. It was the same school I used to go to, but I was still worried about being picked on.Kelly was worried too, entering the first grade in her new school wearing diapers. Kathy Kathy was my daughters behavior therapist at school. One day while dropping my daughter off at school I saw Kathy. Kathys Vacation Kathy sat her in comfy recliner, her short robe open slightly revealing her state of undress.The Summer Of Diapers Nicole woke up and fingered herself, because today she was going to her Girl friend's house for the summer, but shehad to get through the last day of school. The Summer at Aunt Carols When I was 14, my mother and father were finally going to take asummer off and tour Europe.Since this was to be their second honeymoon,it was decided to send me to Aunt Carol's for the three mon....Ashleys Diaper Adventures Part 8"Are you all ready for school girls?

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After getting to the apartment he sits on the couch and uses his Web TV to check email. A while later he sits on the couch again watching TV. It's 8pm, Eastern time, but that means it's 5pm Pacific. The Adventures Of Babies Jessica And Carol Part 7The trip home from the zoo was uneventful as was the next week. Nanny decided that it would be okay for the girls to venture out in to the yard. I was very fortunate when this happened or my secret would've gotten out. cruisers she was not diapered to start with she was 25 I'm 22 wish i had a pic of that night any way......... I was slightly confuses since I thought I was still on the couch. When Kelly woke from the anaesthetic, she was back in the chi...

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