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While Mary-Kate has always been notoriously private, the same cannot necessarily be said of the woman Stavros ended up leaving her for after five months in 2005: Paris Hilton. MK is the one who introduced her then-friend Paris to her ex. "Now I guess you can tell we're not talking."Soon after the affair, a devastated MK made the decision to drop out of college and move back to Los Angeles.

When asked by the publication why she was moving, she simply said, "I think we can all guess."Mary-Kate chose to nurse her broken heart in LA by dating Max Snow, a modern triple-threat (aka oil heir/photographer/nephew of Uma Thurman), though the romance lasted less than a year.

It all began with Ashley's first big relationship with Matt Kaplan, a handsome quarterback she dated for three years (when she was 15-18). Ashley then dated Tsubi jeans CEO Gregg Chait from 2005-2007, leading to brief (always rumored, never confirmed) romances with Lance Armstrong (pre-fall from grace, post-Sheryl Crow) and Jared Leto, whom she was spotted making out with at a club in 2008 (and has been spotted with several times throughout the years).

Though he was three years her senior, he would prove to be her most age-appropriate paramour. Oh, those pre-camera phone days, we remember you not-so-fondly. I, hoarding every photo of the chic couple together like a squirrel saving up nuts for the winter, naively believed they would be together forever. Fortunately, there was a random rumor that she was hooking up with Johnny Depp (pre-bankruptcy) to soften the blow.

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Also, have position in the list of those people who was born on June 13.In late 2008, Mary-Kate found her next serious boyfriend in artist Nate Lowman, with the couple going on to date until early 2010, with her rep having to deny reports she was seen making out with Josh Hartnett following their split.