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Being able to splurge is especially important when your partner is always dragging you to Chili’s.And, you have a love for nachos and their Potato Skins (as in Maria’s case).Black was able to remove 99.9 percent of the tumor, which was benign."He said there's a six to seven percent chance that we'll see it come back," she says.As she was caring for her mother, who has stage 4 brain cancer, Maria found out she was facing a health crisis of her own.In February 2014 Menounos started experiencing troubling symptoms.

The Maria Menounos diet is all about eating 5 small meals throughout the day (Breakfast-Snack-Lunch-Snack-Dinner).Menounos has been named the 2014 CES Entertainment Matters Ambassador for her innovations in digital broadcasting through her creation of After Buzz TV and her digital talk show titled "Conversations with Maria Menounos".