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A cam that has .318 inch of lobe lift (that’s how far it lifts the lifter) will open the valve .477 inch with 1.5:1 rocker arms (.318 x 1.5 = .477) and .508 inch with 1.6:1 rockers.Generally, a stock engine will tolerate .500-inch lift before the valves hit the pistons or the valvesprings hit coil bind, but any time lift is increased, these clearances should be checked.Race cars (or anything that runs quicker than, say, 11.00 in the quarter-mile) is a whole other ball of wax.UNDERSTANDING CAMSHAFT SPECIFICATIONS There are many numbers and terms used when describing a camshaft’s design that must be understood when choosing a cam.The entire vehicle and the sum of its parts are just as important.Below is an outline of what all those specs and numbers mean in the camshaft catalog and a general explanation of how they affect performance, followed by a rundown of the areas that must be addressed at cam selection time.

A street performance cam will usually have between .450- and .550-inch lift.

More lift can increase power, and increased lift without changing duration increases power without affecting the point of peak power on the rpm band.

The rocker arms have a direct effect on lift because they don’t have a 1:1 lever ratio.

It is our most popular selling hydraulic roller camshaft for the Small Block Chevrolet Engine.

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Dyno tests show a broad torque curve and substantial power gains over the typical flat tappet SBC cams.The counter guy at the local speed shop/quick lube/food mart isn’t the best source of information, so knowing the approximate cam specs for your combination is vital to an enjoyable machine, be it full race or full cruise.