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In the process of doing that, I made a list, I typed them up.

I said alright, and then I figured the average Ph D reads about 75 to 100 books in each area so I made a goal to read 100 books in each of the disciplines and try to devour that information and try to understand that discipline.

Sometimes, it will give me a specific and then I’ll write that down usually on a notepad right next to the bed at the hotel.

I’ll shower, clean it up, and get to my computer and start to work or I’ll go on to do a talk or I’ll do an interview or whatever I have on the agenda for the day.

Anywhere where I get to research, write, travel, or teach, I do it.

Before here, I’m working on a textbook on mathematics so right now I’m working on that.

I just love researching, writing, traveling, and teaching. I’m off to Scotland tomorrow morning and then I came in from India before then on the way here, and then I go to Africa, then I go to the States, then Tokyo, then Australia. Then, I found out that I had speech impediment, I had to go to a speech methodologist at about age one.

I just constantly travel, teach, and research everyday. In elementary school, I had learning problems and I was told by my teacher that I would never read, write, or communicate, and never go very far in life. I was good in sports, I could run fast and I can balance pretty well but definitely school was not so strong. I left home when I was 13 and I dropped out of school at 13, 14 almost. Then, I nearly died and I met an amazing teacher who one night, one hour, shared one big message that really changed the trajectory of my life.

It doesn’t matter what it is, geology, astronomy, I’m looking for the most universal laws that I can build a foundation of teachings on that I can then share with my students so that they have the most profound teaching I can possibly offer them.

I try to keep my day pretty well full doing what I love doing. Sometimes, people ask me interesting things about what do I eat, what is my daily routine, things of that nature. And then I’ll ask myself what are the highest priority actions I can do today to help me fulfill my mission on Earth.

‏‏What’s the most interesting question people ask you in your interviews? Usually, I’ve been doing it so long as it’s research, write, travel, teach so I tend to do that.

He’s the author of 40 books published in over 29 different languages. Let’s start by you telling me a little bit about yourself.

Demartini is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on human behavior and personal development. I just wanted to share some of your knowledge with my listeners and hopefully help them get tons of breakthroughs and exceed in their life.‏‏You’re never on Instagram or Snapchat or Facebook probably?