Gal not updating in cached mode exchange 2016

29-Jul-2019 18:40

Outlook 2016/2013 no longer uses an nk2-file for caching but stores these addresses in the Suggested Contacts folder in the Outlook mailbox itself.

Outlook 2010 steps: Global Address List (GAL): The GAL may also contain an out-of-date entry that may cause the error.

The Offline Address Book is updated daily, but if an e-mail client isn't closed, the updates will not be applied.In similar fashion, the rest of the company will see all objects except the division that will be sold off.Users will still be able to send/receive emails with that particular division, however the GAL will not show them.Look at the bottom of the right-hand side of Outlook application, it should say Connected to Microsoft Exchange, and an OST file is present in the computer. If Cached Exchange Mode is not enabled, then it will say Online with Microsoft Exchange.

A user cannot open an inaccessible file in Outlook application.

This GAL contains all mail enabled objects contained in the Exchange Organisation. This is all well and good, however, at times a company might not want everyone to see all the objects in the Exchange environment.