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Sapporo will hold the 2017 Asian Winter Games, so you can check out all the venues, and even do a few runs on the prized slopes yourself.

Marvel at the inconceivable snow sculptures in the Snow Festival, and stuff your face with the freshest produce from land and sea.

Home to multiple volcanic mountain ranges, Daisetsuzan is an incredible playground for hikers and skiiers.

Plus thanks to charming towns, a family-friendly ice festival, and some of the best autumn foliage in the country, you don’t need to be an athlete to enjoy immersing yourself in nature here.

With Tokyo pulling out all the stops as it prepares to host the 2020 Olympics, Lonely Planet announcing Japan as this year’s number 2 best country to visit, a weak yen and the relaxing of visa regulations, the time has never been more right to plan a trip to Japan. These islands abound with more sights than seemingly possible for such a small country. Or maybe you’ve travelled Japan so extensively that you’re actually running out of places to go.

Here are our top ten picks for the best destinations of 2017.

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Start with its capital – a city that might seem surprisingly cosmopolitan and trendy, depending on how much you know about Japan’s northern frontier.With some companies offering discounts to encourage travel to Kyushu, now’s the time to score a cheap vacation and help the local economy recover. Kanazawa will hold the KOGEI World Competition in 2017, showcasing traditional craft techniques with a forward-thinking spin from around the world.This artistic city is the perfect fit, given that it’s home to both a centuries-old heritage of exquisite craftwork, as well as the cutting-edge 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.Whether they’re up-and-coming underdogs not yet discovered by the masses, or established travel hotspots with something new to offer, each place deserves your consideration. Foreign visitors generally overlook this rural, landlocked prefecture that lies not far from Tokyo.

That’s a shame, because this humble hinterland contains some of the best in the country.

2017 is a prime time to explore this vibrant port city that embodies world peace and cultural exchange.