David coleman dating doctor video

12-Apr-2019 04:01

David Coleman sees plenty of parallels between Will Smith's character in the new movie Hitch and his own career helping others find love.Will Smith plays a dating coach who can't take his own advice in i.Wygant, 42, also hosts parties so his clients can network.For ,000, he will even move in for the weekend and provide 24/7 access to his wisdom for the next three months.Most real-life pupils want their love tutors to help them meet someone or repair a broken heart.Despite a seemingly endless array of dating books spewing rules and tips, contrivances such as speed dating and the abundance of online dating sites, some people are willing to pay the kind of money these coaches draw.She took to heart Jeff Cohen's advice to approach dating more seriously."Dating was more like ' If it happens, it happens, and will work itself out,' " she says."He made me realize that if you're open to it and you want it, you should take steps and actions to accomplish it."Cohen, who lives in New Jersey, says he was his own first client.

David Wygant of Seattle views himself as a dating agent, touting image and wardrobe tips as well as dating do's and don'ts.David Coleman is known worldwide as The Dating Doctor.