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06-Mar-2019 01:31

We sat at a table while our guide ordered a variety of different dumplings. However, I think the most valuable part of this Hong Kong Island Food Tour was the information, history and insights that we got from our guide.It was a small snapshot into a different culture through the medium of food.I would never have thought to visit the North Point district if it hadn’t been a part of the tour, and I am so glad that I got to see it as it was vibrant and full of energy.All the places we visited on the tour were a short walk from one another, so although we were moving around a lot (which was great for the digestion) we didn’t go that far.

In relation to the sticky rice balls, they had a type of sugar “thing” in the middle.

I met my guide, Yen, and the other tour participants at North Point MTR station.