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08-Aug-2019 21:14

The name of the program is probably meant to be a pun of the name of Ang Dating Daan, which is Tagalog for "The Old Path", with the INC claiming their program, Ang Tamang Daan is "The Right Path".

Relations between the two groups have been perennially strained, and both organizations use their respective television programs as well as other media to present "evidence" which they believe shows contradictions in each other's teachings.

Puno and Carpio were joined by Justices Conchita Carpio-Morales and Leonardo Quisumbing in their dissent.

) is a program produced by the Philippine-based religious organization, Iglesia ni Cristo, and aired over their television station, Net 25.

Carpio said prior restraint may only be justified if the contents are either “pornography, false or misleading advertisement, advocacy of imminent lawless action, and (or) danger to national security.” Carpio added: “Obviously, what petitioner uttered does not fall under any of the four.” Permissible sanction But the majority held that the suspension is not prior restraint but a “form of permissible administrative sanction or subsequent punishment” that the MTRCB may validly impose under its charter without running afoul of the free speech clause.” The SC added the sanction was for the “indecent contents of his utterances in a 'G' rated TV program.” The Court clarified that the suspension was limited only to the TV program and not to Soriano as the MTRCB “may not suspend television personalities, for such would be beyond its jurisdiction." Those who joined the majority decision penned by Velasco were Justices Consuelo Ynares-Santiago, Minita Chico-Nazario, Antonio Nachura, Teresita Leonardo-de Castro, Diosdado Peralta, Lucas Bersamin, Dante Tinga, Alicia Austria-Martinez, Renato Corona and Antonio Brion.

The dissenters included Chief Justice Reynato Puno.

In a consolidated decision penned by Justice Presbitero Velasco Jr, the 11 majority justices upheld the MTRCB move to suspend ADD after its host, Eliseo Soriano, uttered offensive and obscene remarks against Ang Tamang Daan host Michael Sandoval.

The name “Raam Daan” means, “to achieve your goal” in the Wolof language ...

Conflicts Between Iglesia Ni Cristo And Members Church Of God International ...

Saying it found as obscene the remarks uttered against a rival religious TV host, the Supreme Court (SC) on Wednesday sustained the three-month suspension imposed on the TV program Ang Dating Daan (ADD) by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB).

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