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30-Apr-2019 06:13

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See this link for more details USBStick Tools like the Startup Disk Creator and Unetbootin assume you have a USB drive partitioned with a FAT32 file system and pick the content (file by file) of the iso file and enter it into the FAT32 file system. This process is much more complicated and prone to problems than cloning an iso file or compressed image file.This is why they might not be ready for a new release (if the configuration of the booting has been changed since the previous release).Instead it is recommended to keep most program packages as they are, and only upgrade packages when really necessary.The following command lines work, when you want to update & upgrade the program packages that belong to mkusb without affecting the other program packages.The mkusb tool was developed to make it simpler and safer to create boot drives with the method to flash or clone an iso image or a compressed image file. The target is a mass storage device, often but not always a USB drive, sometimes an internal drive or an e SATA drive.

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The intention with 9W-DUS_i686is to provide a quick method to get a portable linux system with the tool dus (mkusb-dus), that can create persistent live systems in Ubuntu and Debian and systems developed from them.

But I also read somewhere that it should be possible to boot from a direct image of the iso file. And it works, the computer boots from a USB device (pendrive, stick, flash drive, but also disk or SSD) just like it were from a CD drive.

Also like a CD, it will be mounted read-only, so it cannot carry persistence.

After end of life there will be no updates, not even security updates, so the connection to internet is no longer secure.

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Notice that the standard Ubuntu LTS versions are supported for 5 years, while the LTS versions of the other flavours are supported for 3 years.This ISO 9660 file system works from CD/DVD disks, and also from USB drives.

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