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Though the names of many of the places they Painted are familiar we longer can largely not recognize them.

Beyond that, the Hudson River School includes some of the great Artists in 19th Century Painting.

;-)In contrast to last Saturday's blog, the weather, here, in the southeast region of the Mitten-state, is just etheral.

I guess I have just shied away from the computer, of late, because I still haven't gotten it to go much faster and I've been working some overtime and, seriously, three people on one computer make for some long wait-times.

--instant spiderweb, right in the center of the glass. I was driving home from work on Thursday, blasting Led Zeppelin, and enjoying the agreeable weather, and I saw a police car pull into the drive of the liquor store on the southeast corner of Lincoln and Woodward in Royal Oak, Michigan. It may be rationalization, it may be excuse-making, whatever.

And, of course, over time, with the cold weather and percipitation, the spider unfurled his web-house, rendering my windshield either a work of art (you should see how the lights refract through the cracks at night--quite beautiful), an eyesore (white trash car, anyone? I said something, as I prepared to turn at the turnaround and drive past him to go east on Lincoln, something like, "Well, ! All I'm trying to do is to impart to you, Dear Reader, is what was going through my mind during this oh-so Finally, B.

In fact, as soon as I entered, I was immediately bowled over by not one but two masterpieces by no less than the man many consider to be THE supreme landscapist, JMW Turner. Turner…chronicles the pollution and chaos of the growing city,” paraphrasing the wall card., 1832, Watercolor and body color on paper.

“Dudley lies in ‘the Black Country,’ an area characterized by smoke and soot from hundreds of forges, furnaces and hearths. Cole discovered the Catskills in 1825, and he was about 26 when he Painted this masterful mix of landscape, realism and the sublime, as it was called at the time, in an American setting.

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I know, I know, a whole hell of a lot of regions in the country and the world have had it much worse, but I'm just speaking from recent experience. It's all about safety, for them, and also a way in which they can witness the sobriety tests and cover their asses in court.That way, one of us here, in this house, can sing and the another can riff on the gitty.

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