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Style can also draw attention from others, which can interrupt the abuser’s plan to isolate the victim. This type of control usually takes much longer, and it subtly changes your behavior over time.

It could be something as simple as, “I don’t really like that guy.

In addition, abuse can also haunt its victims in the form of post-traumatic stress disorder.

It’s time to learn the signs of domestic violence, stop making excuses for abusers and no longer abandon our friends.

As October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we would like to debunk some common misconceptions about abuse.

To start, abuse can be physical, but there are many other types as well.

Again, just because you weren’t physically touched doesn’t make it okay. Your partner gives you an allowance or limits your spending? If your partner tries to force you to stop wearing makeup or to change your style, this is a form of oppression.

The physical pain doesn't reduce your emotional trauma. This type of control is manipulative, and it progresses over time.

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Many abusers are possessive and want the victim to look less desirable to others.Women have also reported being abused by their female partners.Anyone can be a victim, and anyone can be an abuser.5500 case used on the 35mm Air-King, the only Air-King ref to feature this size.

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14000 series replaced by new/improved 1142XX series in 2007.Most rape is perpetrated by someone familiar with the victim. As a society, it's important to educate ourselves about what exactly abuse is because it’s much more than black eyes and broken bones.